Entertaining Taboga Island Tales and Valuable Information

Before you go, or to relive your tropical holiday, read up on Taboga Island. Eye opening stories and information from past to present written or compiled by Cynthia Cudmore Mulder . You may submit your own story to us for review to publish. You will need a PDF Reader to open these files.

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Pirate Tales & Truths From Taboga Island
Enjoy tales of pirates, conquistadors and spirits who roamed Taboga Island from the early 1500’s. Father Luque, Francisco Pizarro, Captains Morgan and Townley among others, all trekked Taboga paths.

Legend & Ghosts Of Taboga Island
Centuries-old stories whispered by the elders of Taboga Island. Superstitions or tales of truth, we will never know. Entertaining for sure.
Taboga Island Trivia
Interesting facts about Taboga Island. Our special little Pacific island has such an interesting past and present.

Walking Away
Cynthia Mulder’s account of walking away from life in the fast lane and finding a peaceful tropical oasis on Taboga Island, Panama.

Living With Pirates
On the alert for modern-day pirates in Panama, and a brief recount of pirates who frequented Taboga.

Stress & The City
Tropical construction in Taboga Island and Panama City. Tales and tips from Cynthia Mulder.

Carnival On Taboga, 2006

Events from Carnival 2006 on Taboga Island, where carnival in Panama all started. A good guideline for other years (dates change every year).

Article From The Literary World, 1851

A story written in 1851 from The Literary World, gives an interesting insight on Taboga and life in those days.