Our Local Team!

Aristedes is loved by our friends and guests alike. In fact, they are always trying to put him into their suitcases! But he won’t leave his beloved Isla Taboga where he has made his home with his family.

He cares for our Cerrito Tropical, and as an experienced chef, cooks for guests along with the help of his wife Valentina, their friends and neighbors.

On special event days we bring in a trained local team including a bartender, and hostesses.


Come Visit Taboga Island Panama

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Panama!
We are Cynthia Mulder and Hiddo Mulder, both from small islands but from completely different areas and cultures - Canada and the Dutch Caribbean. We had a dream to build a Bed and Breakfast Lodge where guests could come and feel at home in the tropics, as if in their own cottage. Also we hoped our guests would have the chance to meet friendly locals, explore nature, and enjoy the simple culture of a tropical Pacific island. We now have our B&B Lodge Cerrito Tropical on Taboga Island in Panama. Our dream came true.

After a labor of love constructing a new building, planting gardens, creating interiors, and adding a couple of years, our Cerrito Tropical Bed & Breakfast Lodge plus Vacation Apartments was born. People arrive as guests, but when they check-out they say goodbye as friends. This has been very rewarding. Our B&B Lodge has grown and we now spend time in both on Taboga Island and in our Panama City office; when we are not on hand our experienced manager and chef, Aristedes, is in charge. We are always available by cell phone through Aristedes.

CHECK OUT our all new CALALOO BEACH Restaurant & FishBar just 2 minutes walk to the left of the Taboga Pier - look for the streetside cafe and RED shutters. Serving up delicious Fresh Fish & Seafood from Taboga plus Beef, Snacks as well as Vegetarian dishes, COLD cocktails, Beer, Fresh Juices, Coffee. Beach Umbrellas and Chairs available too just in front on the Beach. Beach Delivery Service on request.

Our Recommendation for Stress Management: Relax and unwind by the beach as guests of our B&B Inn Cerrito Tropical on Taboga Island Panama. Travel by scenic Calypso Ferry trip in 1 hour from Panama City. Don´t forget to adopt the local islander´s attitude for life: “No Stress, Amigo!”.

We invite you to visit Bed and Breakfast Lodge Cerrito Tropical with our friendly Taboga team, and to enjoy this quaint little island as much as we did on our first vacation here. We still do!

Cynthia Mulder and Hiddo Mulder

PS: If you are still curious as to what Taboga is like, here´s our view: Taboga is like a relaxed, stress free Caribbean beach island, blended with a Mediterranean fishing village, then picked up and dropped into the Pacific only 1 hour from Panama City. It is so laid back even many of the Caribbean Pirates made Taboga their Pacific base!


Please feel free to contact us via email with your questions and comments, we love to hear from you.

Email: info@cerritotropicalpanama.com
Cynthia Cudmore-Mulder and Hiddo Mulder

Tel: (507) 6489-0074 or (507) 390-8999
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